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Peer Review

..."anyone who reads journals widely and critically is forced to realize that there are scarcely any bars to eventual publication. There seems to be no study too fragmented, no hypothesis too trivial, no literature citation too biased or too egotistical, no design too warped, no methodology too bungled, no presentation of results too inaccurate, too obscure, and too contradictory, no analysis too self-serving, no argument too circular, no conclusions too trifling or too unjustified, and no grammar and syntax too offensive for a paper to end up in print."

From:  Guarding the Guardians: A Conference on Editorial Peer Review /  Drummond Rennie  JAMA. 1986;256(17):2391-2392. doi:10.1001/jama.1986.03380170107031

Let’s make peer review scientific - Drummond Rennie - Nature - 5 July 2016

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