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Author Institutional Affiliations

Publishers ask authors to provide statements of organisational affiliation.  This is an important transparency measure required by the World Medical Association's Declaration of Helsinki.

There are as yet no international standards for how affiliations should be cited. There are a variety of organisational identifiers such as OrgID, ROR, GRID, and ISNI that will be important in drawing together an organisation's research output.

It is common to cite joint affiliations with health service(s) and university / research institutes where more than one organisation has supported the research.

Citing an organisational affiliation assists with searching for and reporting on the level of research activity, and also provides recognition of the organisation's level of research support.

It is important that staff cite your affiliation with WA Country Health Service in a consistent way. Please cite your affiliation as: WA Country Health Service. Please do not cite it as WACHS, WACHS Kimberley, Country Health Service, or any other variation.