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Library Support for Your Research

A range of support is available. These are the first steps to work through.

  • Do you need a systematic search or are you just looking for some references on a topic? If you just need some references and you do not need the process to be documented, then request a general literature search.
  • If you are studying at university and a requirement of your course is to complete a search strategy yourself, your university librarians should be able to assist.  Limited guidance will be provided by this library.
  • More assistance is available if your research is endorsed and supported by the health service.

Need more than that?

  • Formulate your initial question - it's not all PICO - there are many question frameworks described in a paper on formulating questions that may work better if you have questions on topics other than interventions - BeHEMoTH, CHIPS, CoCoPop, ECLIPSE, SPICE, SPIDER and more
  • Request a scoping search - either a formalised, PRISMA for Scoping Reviews level search that requires extensive documentation, or a more general review of the literature to get a picture of the volume and scope of the literature on a topic.
  • Reformulate your question using the question framework chosen 
  • Decide upon the type of study you want to do (taking into consideration the reporting requirements for different study designs)
  • Consider the level of search support and documentation you will require for your study design.

How systematic is your review?  This is an important question to consider upfront.

A selection of links to guidance or quality measures for review types.