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Research Guide: Training

Let us help you!

We offer free training sessions to all staff.  All sessions are fully customisable.

Please click on the above image to request a training session

Learn about our resources

Your Library, Your Resources

An overview of library services and resources

Length: 60 minutes

Work Smarter with Library Resources 

Discover the subjects and types of information available from databases, point-of-care tools,e-books and grey literature in your field

Length: 60 minutes

Sharpen your research skills

Work Smarter with Articles

An introductory session to learn how to conduct a simple database search using keywords

Length: 60 minutes

Work Smarter with Research Databases

Learn how to develop and implement an effective search strategy:

  • Formulate a search question & identify key concepts using PICO or SPICE
  • Search using subject headings
  • Combine search queries using Boolean Logic
  • Save search results

Work Smarter with the Evidence

This session covers how to find and embed evidence into practice:

  • Identify key EBP resources 
  • Understand how the Library resources align with & support EBP

Manage your information

Work Smarter with EndNote

An introduction on how to manage your references with EndNote:

  • Create an EndNote Library
  • Enter, import and organise references in EndNote
  • Use Cite-While-You-Write (integrating EndNote with Word)

Work Smarter by Keeping Up-To-Date

Learn how to develop an effective current awareness strategy:

  • Set up subject alerts
  • Set up journal table of contents alerts
  • Discover RSS feeds