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Full Text Access

Access to Subscribed Resources

The most reliable way to find out if a journal is available online is the Journals A to Z.

Hit a paywall?

Always follow the 'find it @ WACHS' button to get past paywalls.  If you start from a Library link to free sources such as PubMed you'll find the button on the abstract view of the record.  In GoogleScholar click on >> that appears under the citation to see the 'find it @ WACHS' link.

There are other solutions, including bookmarklets and the LibKey Nomad browser extension that can link you to subscribed full text even if you have not accessed the reference from a library link.

Links to resources that require a subscription have to carry through the Library's authentication to the publisher.

For example, you want this paper: Individual care plans reduce falls and broken hips in New Zealand hospitals - BMJ 2016. The article link is this will not allow you full text access.  You need to add the library prefix string to the link

The prefix is -

You can copy and paste the prefix to articles links but that is tedious - it is easier to add it with one click using a bookmarklet, or the LibKey Nomad browser extension. 

Sometimes you will have to go back to the library's Journals A-Z as the library's subscribed access may not be via the site you are on. For example, links to paywalled articles in will not work because the library's access to The Lancet is via ClinicalKey

Convert a DOI to a Proxied LInk

Lookup a journal article by DOI or PMID

Type or paste a DOI name, e.g. 10.1093/infdis/jiaa429 into the text box below.

Be sure to enter all of the characters before and after the slash.

Do not include extra characters, or sentence punctuation marks.