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The WA Health libraries have a whole of WA Health licence for EndNote that includes home installation

To have EndNote installed on a work computer staff should log a job with WACHS ICT help desk [Intranet link only] or phone the help desk on 1800 794 748 (Monday to Friday)

EndNote 21 is also available to download to your personal devices

Please contact Clarivate Technical Support for help with conversion or backwards compatibility issues.

Why use EndNote?

Using EndNote is a great way to manage your references. The software will help you to keep track of your references and use them in your research and publications.

When you are searching databases like Medline/PubMed, Embase, PsycINFO or Google Scholar you will be able to export your results to EndNote.

PDF copies of articles (if they have associated metadata), can be imported into EndNote and used to complete the reference details automatically.

You can harvest PDFs from the Library collection to go with the references in your library using the Find Full Text function.  Note that you will need to change your preference settings for this to work.

Once you have created your EndNote library you will be able to insert the references into your Word documents (using the Cite While You Write feature).  You can create in-text references and a bibliography that can be formatted in the reference style of your choice (Vancouver, APA, Harvard etc).

Other Reference Management Options

The Library only provides support for the use of EndNote. 

You may wish to explore other reference management software systems. Most offer basic functionality for a free account and a subscription model for additional features.

The following guide may be useful in researching the relative advantages and disadvantages of different systems.