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Find Full Text

You need to set some preferences in order to make use of the Find Full Text function within EndNote.

Windows Macs
Find Full Text
‚ÄčEndNote Preferences
Find Full Text

Tick all four boxes: Web of Science;  DOI;  PubMed LinkOut; and OpenURL.

Do NOT tick the box "Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references".  If you tick this box it will restrict full-text retrieval as it only pulls in the full text for references that were imported from text files.  If the references were imported through direct export or from online search the find full text function will fail.

On WA Health PCs:

In the OpenURL Path box, copy and paste this URL:

In the Authenticate with: box, copy and paste in this URL:

The Find Full Text function also works more effectively if you have an EndNote Online account established and if you login and keep open an active browser session whilst running the function.

Note that ‘Find full text’ will work well for many journals but will not work for some where full text access is in fact available.

Elsevier ScienceDirect and some other publishers have linking structures that will not work with EndNote. The pdf can be downloaded to the desktop and attached to the citation from there. 

Some records will not contain enough information for the article to be retrieved (it’s important to import complete references), access to some titles may only be available via an aggregator and not from the publisher URL that comes with the record, and some journals need to be accessed via a path that includes a login and this cannot be incorporated into EndNote’s Find Full Text search.

Check the Journals A-Z to see if we do have access and submit a journal article request if your article is not available.  Other options to find subscribed full text - bookmarklets and the LibKey Nomad Chrome browser plug in.