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Literature Searches

The WACHS Library can provide the following literature searching services:

  • A literature search on a specific topic.
  • Assistance with developing a search strategy using databases available to WACHS staff.

Literature Search requests

Submit a literature request form for a search on your topic

For urgent requests, please phone as well as submitting a form to ensure that we are able to respond quickly.  Requests to support clinical care are given priority over all other search requests.

You will be given a list of references (not the articles themselves) in Microsoft Word and in an EndNote Library.

You can then select the ones that interest you (follow the 'find it @ WACHS' button.  Journal titles can be found in the Journals A-Z or try a bookmarklet or LibKey Nomad to connect to full text.

Note:  Please give sufficient notice for your request

Assistance with a Search Strategy
Submit a request to the WACHS Librarian at