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i2i Standards (new platform)

New platform (decorative image)Australian standards are available from the i2i Standards SAI Global platform.  Some international standards may also be available if an unlock payment has been made. 

Use the following link to access Standards:

About the i2i platform

  • Receive alerts when Standards are amended
  • Add Standards to your watchlist within i2i
  • Access the content from any device including desktop, tablet and mobile 

i2i Standards: How to...

Follow these steps to view online or download a Standard from i2i

  1. From the search results screen click on the title of standard you wish to view
  2. You will be provided with two viewing options:
    • View Online
      • Will open a new tab or window with an online PDF version of the Standard
    • Download
      • Will open a new tab or window with a download request page ⇒
        • When the Standard is 'Ready for download', press the Download document button
  3. The Order Fulfillment (DRM protected document) window will appear with information on viewing the Adobe PDF file that has been saved to the Downloads folder from your browser
    • Open this folder and double click on the PDF to view the Standard
NOTE: These files MUST be opened in Adobe Reader (they will not open in the browser window or with Adobe Acrobat Professional).

Requesting Standards to be unlocked

ISO or International standards are not available until an unlock request is received and payment is made. All costs will be charged to your cost centre.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Where available, the platform will provide you with information on any equivalent Standards that may be cheaper. This information is listed within the Request Unlock box. When you click Request Unlock you will need to fill in your details and then click Submit Form. The request will be sent to the WACHS Library who will organise the purchase and charge your cost centre.


Once the Standard has been made available, you can proceed to the Download tab and follow the download instructions.

Support and FAQs

Why am I seeing "License not available. Please try after some time."

If the licence to view or download documents is in use, you will not be able to access or download until the other user logs out.

What's covered by the licence?

Australian standards are available; however, the online site also references other international standards from organisations such as:

  • AAMI - Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
  • ANSI - American National Standards Institute
  • ISO - International Organization for Standardization
Is there a session time-out and/or a limit to concurrent users?

There is a time-out of 8 minutes of session inactivy. There is a ONE concurrent user license - This means that there can be only one active user online at a time (active means viewing or downloading a document). There is no limit to the number of users searching on the platform.