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WACHS Library: Mobile Access

Mobile Apps

Important Notes:    

  • For technical information and support for your mobile device please consult your manual and/or contact your IT department
  • Mobile access is not free access. While some products include mobile access as part of the Library's ongoing subscription, many do not & require a personal subscription
  • Some resource links will send you directly to a specially developed mobile site, while others will send you to applications to download 
  • Subscription resources often require that you first register yourself and/or your device

The Library does not have access to all mobile devices and platforms.  In order to provide information on mobile access the Library has therefore relied on the information provided by the vendors of the products and apps.

Medication Resources

AMH + AMH Children's Dosing Companion

AMH and AMH Children’s Dosing Companion can be accessed via phone and tablet at no added cost.

Setting up a shortcut on a smartphone or tablet (iOS + Android)

Using the shortcuts to access the AMH and AMH CDC on your phone or tablet

  • Tap on the relevant product shortcut
  • An authentication pop-up screen appears – enter your HE number and your network (work) computer password
  • The AMH /AMH CDC will then open

Therapeutic Guidelines

The Therapeutic Guidelines app requires an activation token (one token per staff member).

Register & request a token from this link with your WA Health email address, and a contact phone number.

This token is for one device.  If you change your device, you will need to notify to have your token reset (delete any existing TG app from your device or the token may not work).

For iPhone users - Download and install the Apple iOS Therapeutic Guidelines app to your device. Open the app, select Institutional User, enter your email address and token and click Submit.

For Android users - Download the Therapeutic Guidelines Android app and follow the installation instructions provided on the website.

To download content for offline use, click the cloud icon in the app, go to the settings menu and select  "use the app offline".  The Therapeutic Guidelines download uses 200Mb on your device.  Therapeutic Guidelines FAQs.

For technical issues contact and provide them with your WA Health email address.

App for Android, iOS, Windows

Point of Care

Best Practice
App for Android, iOS & mobile site

  • Go to Best Practice from the Library's link and register for Personal Access (link under Log In, top right corner)
  • Download the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play
  • Login using your personal registration

App for Android, iOS & mobile site

  • Go to UpTo Date from the Library's link and register for Personal Access (Log In/Register, top right corner)
  • Download the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play
  • Login using your personal registration
  • You will need to re-verify* your account via the Library link every 90 days for your app access to remain active. * Once you have opened the link, log out of the site and then log back in to re-verify your account



1. Download the app (available for iPhone/iPad and for Android tablets and smartphones)

2. On the Settings page select WA Country Health Service as your library and enter your WA Health network ID and password.

3. Register to create an account

Clinical Practice

App for Android, iOS


App for Android, iOS

  • Access Stat!Ref via the Library's website
  • Click on “Profile”, then either click on “Register” to set up an account or "Log in" with your current username and password to check it is still working
  • NB: Remember the expiry date for your account activation. Every 90 days you will need to renew your account to maintain mobile access
  • Download the app as per the instructions at this site
  • Login using your email address and password registered for your Stat!Ref account to enable mobile access for 90 days

More instructions here