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WACHS Library: Standards Australia

About the Standards Australia license


Access to Standards Australia is provided via SAI Global's i2i platform.

Single user licence

The WA Health Libraries Network has a single user license to Standards Australia. If the licence is in use, you will not be able to download your standard until the previous person logs out.  

What's covered by the licence?

The license only covers access to Australian Standards.

What's not covered by the licence?

The license does not cover access to International Standards. 

Options to purchase International Standards

International Standards can be purchased from either SAI Global Infostore or from the Techstreet Store.

All costs will need to be charged against your cost centre.

Refer to the Accessing a Standard box > Find/Download tab for instructions on how to download and view your purchased Standard and for important information about working/using downloaded Standards.



Hot off the press: Introducing the new i2i platform

New platform (decorative image)

Introducing the i2i platform - the new way to access Standards

The way to access Standards has changed. There are some steps that both regular and new users will need to undertake:

Register - ALL users - both regular users and new users, will need to set up a personal account on the i2i platform.

Update your bookmarks - If you have any bookmarks, you will need to update them.

Please see the "accessing a standard" box below for further information/instructions.

Accessing a Standard


- please click on the icon above to open the platform

Are you registered?

In order to access the Standards platform, you need to have set up a personal account for the i2i platform.

First time users of the i2i platform:

  • Open the i2i platform using the icon above.
  • To register: Select the "New Registration" option and fill in the Registration" dialog box. There are two parts - (1) Your details and (2) Company details (auto-filled)

Registered i2i platform users:

  • Open the i2i platform using the icon at the top of the box.
  • Follow the prompts in the "Log into i2i" dialog box to log in.
  • If you have misplaced your password, you will need to use the "forgot password" option to reset it.

- please click on the icon above to open the platform

To find a Standard

  1. Open the i2i platform (click on the icon above)
  2. Login (1st time users of the platform will need to register)
  3. Search for the Standard by document number or title/keyword

To View/Download a Standard

  1. From the search results screen click on the title of standard you wish to view
  2. You will be provided with two viewing options:
    • View Online
      • This opens up an online PDF version of the Standard in the i2i document viewer
    • Download
      • A "Download Request" page opens
        • Once the Standard is "Ready for download" (denoted by a yellow line), press "Download document"
      • The "Order Fulfillment (DRM protected document)" window appears stating how you can view the Adobe PDF file that has been saved to the Downloads folder in your browser
        • Open this folder and double click on the PDF to view the Standard
IMPORTANT: These files MUST be opened in Adobe Reader, not in the browser window. They will not open in the browser.

Important information about your downloaded Standard

  • PDFs will only open in Adobe Reader - if your default setting is to open PDFs in Adobe Professional or in a browser tab, you will need to right click on the file in your downloads folder and select - Open with - to open with Adobe Reader
  • A Standard can only be viewed/opened on one computer - Once downloaded, a Standard can only be opened/viewed on the computer on which it was downloaded
  • Downloaded Standards are encoded with a predetermined expiry date - Although you can download the Standards in pdf format, the downloaded copies are encoded with a predetermined expiry date, after which they cease to be accessible. If your access has expired, you will need to (re)download the Standard
Why am I seeing "Licence not available. Please try after some time."

If the licence to access SAI Global is in use, you will not be able to access or download until the previous person logs out. 

Is there a session time-out and/or a limit to concurrent users?

There is a time out of 8 minutes if someone logs in and is inactive. There is a ONE concurrent user licence - This means that there can be only one active user online at a time (active means viewing or downloading a document). There is no limit to the number of users searching on the platform.

SAI Global Support